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Adobe’s Behance announces support for Phantom Wallet

Today, Adobe’s Behance has announced support for Phantom Wallet to allow people to showcase Solana-based NFTs on their profile, in addition to NFTs minted on Ethereum.

Starting today, Behance users can connect their Phantom wallet and showcase Solana-based NFTs on their Behance profiles. The move resonates perfectly with Behance’s mission to help creators to build their careers without being dictated by third parties.

Behance is built for freelancers, full-time gig sellers, those looking for subscriptions, those who want to sell templates, and those who want to live stream as well as those who want to sell NFTs.

Before today’s announcement, Behance users were only able to showcase NFTs minted on Ethereum. But there have been concerns about the amount of Energy used by Ethereum in addition to the rising Ethereum gas fees.

Solana vs. Ethereum

Ethereum blockchain uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism just like Bitcoin. The PoW mechanism is known to consume a lot of energy to process transactions.

On the contrary, Solana uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which is cheaper and less energy-consuming compared to the PoW.

A single transaction on Solana uses energy equivalent to that which is used during a Google search and only costs a fraction of a penny. Besides, Solana is simple to use and provides users with tools like Holaplex to set up their own NFT stores and Metaplex that gives technically inclined users full technical control.

Also, Solana NFT marketplaces like Form Function and Magic Eden feature many NFT creators and artists.

Behance and QuickNode partnership

QuickNode team has been of great assistance to Behance in building this feature on Solana. It is through their partnership that Behance users can now connect to the Phantom wallet and showcase their Solana-based NFTs.

As a follow-up, users’ addresses will be added to the ‘Content Credentials’ tool in PS to ensure users get credit for their work. This is an attempt to restrict NFTs from being stolen.


The Behance team also promised that more will be done in terms of additional chains and more advanced work to inform users (artists and creators) when their work is compromised or stolen.

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