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Atriv partners with Flare to bring AI-powered NFTs to the ecosystem

Atriv is an AI-powered digital art platform that allows for creation of NFTs from text.
Flare is a data-focused L1 blockchain that offers a highly scalable and interoperable network.
The partnership will see Atriv tap into Flare’s features to bring its no-code prompt generated NFTs to the Flare ecosystem.

Atriv, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital art platform and Flare, a data-focused Layer 1 blockchain network, have partnered in an initiative aimed at building out the Flare NFT ecosystem.

The partnership will see Atriv bring its AI-generated NFTs to Flare, and will tap into the Layer 1 blockchain’s native interoperability to simplify the creation and issuance of NFTs.

Artists and businesses to easily create and trade AI-powered NFTs

The AI revolution continues to disrupt all manner of industries across the world, and its adoption in the world of NFTs is behind the collaboration between Atriv and Flare. 

In their announcement today, the two platforms said their integration will make it easy for artists, businesses and collectors looking to create, issue, and trade AI-powered NFTs, the platforms said in a press release shared with CoinJournal on Thursday.

Specifically, the partnership will see Atriv bring its unique, no-code prompt-generating NFTs to the Flare network. Users will enter text into a generator and get unique AI-powered NFTs. 

Our collaboration with Flare is a strategic decision driven by our shared vision of harnessing cutting-edge technology to reshape how digital art is created and shared,” Abel Sebhatu, CEO & co-founder of Atriv, noted in a statement.

He added that Atriv will benefit from Flare’s data-centric L1 blockchain, tapping into its scalability and security to bring the future of NFTs to the community. This will happen via simplified integration and creation, leveraging cross-chain capabilities to allow users mint NFTs on Flare and payment on another chain like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Atriv offers a dynamic marketplace where ecosystem players can trade AI-powered digital art.  The platform’s other features include a white-label collection, IPFS decentralised storage and customisable storefront pages.

The features are critical to the digital art creation ecosystem, making it easier for participants to tokenize and trade NFTs amid rising adoption.

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