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Binance rolls out new features for Web3-focused social platform Binance Feed

The new Binance Feed version features new utility, including fully customizable user profiles.
The platform has registered more than 1 million daily active users and 1,200 content creators since its launch in October.
Binance Feed offers access to content across 400+ cryptocurrency and Web3-focused topics.

Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance has today unveiled new features for its Web3-focused social platform Binance Feed.

According to details the exchange shared with CoinJournal on Thursday, the new features will allow users to experience crypto news and content creation seamlessly on different devices. 

The updated version also features a redesigned profile section that offers full customizability for creators and a ‘poll’ and ‘emoji animations’ section that allows for dynamic and interactive engagements for the community members.

That’s not all. 

According to the press release, there’s a “comment” feature that the community can tap into to foster greater engagement and participation.

A platform for latest Web3 news and trends

Binance launched the Binance Feed platform in October this year, designing it as a single touchpoint for the crypto community to access the latest trends and news in crypto and Web3. The social platform brings together content creators, thought leaders and influencers and covers more than 400 topics within the crypto and Web3 space.

Binance Feed gives me news on the move and at times faster than Twitter. That’s the reason why I am using it. Compared to other platforms, Binance has a more active base of users, and the feeds are more timely,” Anndy Lian, a Binance Feed contributor, said in a statement.

Since its debut, the social platform has registered nearly one million daily active users, with 50% month-over-month growth. There are also more than 1,200 creators currently sharing content, while some of the leading crypto publications have registered more than 30,000 followers already.

The service has been accessible on the App Pro Mode since its launch, and also on desktop from November this year.

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