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ChangeNOW adds support for NFTs to its NOW Wallet

The NFT feature can be accessed via the ChangeNOW website as well as via mobile app, the exchange said in a statement.

ChangeNOW hopes the new feature sparks further interest in crypto, accelerating adoption.

ChangeNOW, a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange popular for its instant transactions, has added support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its NOW Wallet, the exchange said in a press statement exclusively shared with CoinJournal.

The addition of the NFT support to the wallet means customers now have seamless access to features that allow them to send, receive and store NFT collections.

Users will also be able to easily and securely browse the marketplace “right from their fingertips”, ChangeNOW added in the announcement.

Mike Ermolaev, the head of PR at ChangeNOW told CoinJournal in emailed comments:

New and experienced users alike are finding new uses for blockchain, web3, and the new technologies in crypto. As a response to these growing demands, we have integrated NFT functionality into NOW Wallet.We hope that this will cause more people to discover cryptocurrency’s innovative features and speed its adoption.”

He added that the launch of the new NFT feature is in line with the crypto platform’s “hallmarks” of providing simple and user-friendly crypto innovations.

The NFT market exploded into a multi-billion industry in 2021, looping in major institutions and celebrities. 

The trend continues in 2022, with more people looking to leverage the blockchain technology behind it to digitally store and keep ownership of unique items and content, from art to music, record keeping and certification to authenticity and property ownership in the metaverse.

A good example, ChangeNOW notes on its Twitter account, is Alfa Romeo’s NFT integration that sees the SUV utilise the technology to track car records.

🚗 Alfa Romeo’s new SUV uses #NFT to track car records!

“On the pre-owned car market, NFT certification represents an additional source of credibility,” @alfa_romeo‘s press release says.#AlfaRomeoTonale integration is the prime example of the growing “useful” #NFTs market. pic.twitter.com/PyiqmoKOcY

— ChangeNOW (@ChangeNOW_io) February 9, 2022

About ChangeNOW

The move to add NFT support to the official ChangeNOW wallet is a big boost for the crypto exchange, which offers access to over 380 crypto assets and more than 55 fiat currencies.

It also provides for fast, cheap, and transparent transactions, with fast crypto swaps that can be completed both via the exchange’s website and the ChangeNOW mobile app.

The NOW Wallet NFT section will support common token standards in ERC-721 and ERC-1155, the exchange said. Those eyeing other token standards should not worry as the platform will offer further support in due course.

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