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Coinlist.me Rebrands as CoinText: A Cutting-Edge Outlet for Cryptocurrency Education

Coinlist.me has rebranded to CoinText to reach all levels of traders from hardened crypto veterans to brand new investors. CoinText is a vibrant new brand focusing on cryptocurrency education, trading expertise, and industry news.

We’re so excited about this fresh start for CoinText! Our vision is to equip readers with all the context needed to feel confident investing in today’s rapidly evolving crypto market. 

CoinText is your friendly guide for learning about blockchain technology, new emerging investment opportunities, and all the latest coins. We take the guesswork out of researching new coins and provide thorough guides walking you through every step needed to get informed and invest with confidence.

So what’s next for CoinText? Rest assured knowing Coinlist.me’s legacy of providing the highest level of cryptocurrency content won’t change; it’s only going to improve and expand to reach a broader audience. Buckle up and read ahead to learn more.

What to expect?

Cryptocurrency made fun: With all the amazing technology, personalities, and media hype surrounding crypto, it’s a brilliant time to get involved in the market. CoinText makes learning about the market fun, accessible, and entertaining.

Thought-provoking analysis: We go beyond simple recommendations and how-to instructions. CoinText’s team of expert writers are experienced traders who are super passionate about the industry. Our writers provide you with all the knowledge and context necessary to make informed investment decisions.

Always ahead of the curve: CoinText prides itself on looking at what’s to come in the cryptocurrency markets and preparing our readers. That means we’re always searching for the next breakout coins, industry-changing tech, and innovative trading strategies to prime our readers for success.

Why rebrand?

Rebranding Coinlist.me to CoinText builds on our mission to educate the world about cryptocurrency. The newly rebranded site features the same how-to guides that made Coinlist.me successful but increases the amount of useful context and technical analysis. Each article is written by a seasoned crypto trader and contains everything you need to know to invest with confidence. 

Browsing CoinText, you can explore and learn about a wide range of subjects crucial to the world of cryptocurrency investing. We produce how-to guides that break down the process of purchasing cryptocurrency step-by-step. These guides now include important context about every coin’s history, development team, and utility on the blockchain. 

Going forward, CoinText is committed to breaking down the more complex parts of the cryptocurrency space. We dive into the technical concepts shaping blockchain technology like smart contracts, yield farming, NFTs, decentralised finance, and more. 

Our mission is to make these concepts both accessible and easy to understand for entry-level investors. At the same time, CoinText provides value to experienced investors by offering in-depth analysis and advanced trading strategies.

You can also expect educational blogs with opinions, insight, and analysis from our talented team of writers. CoinText doesn’t shy away from having personality and perspective; we lean into the exciting culture of cryptocurrency and report on the personalities and trends that shape the industry.

Our history

CoinText is part of Investoo Group, a world-class digital services provider specialising in connecting the investment and trading industry to consumers using data and technology. Together, we deliver top-quality lead generation and marketing services to our partners via our portfolio of websites in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market. 

Coinlist.me was first acquired by Investoo in 2017 and grew to be a valuable resource for cryptocurrency investors, especially first-timers looking to get involved in the market. Rebranding to CoinText is the latest step we’re taking to continue building on this successful effort to educate, inform, and inspire those looking to join the cryptocurrency revolution.

Goals for CoinText

We believe that cryptocurrency needs to be accessible to all. CoinText aims to separate itself from your average cryptocurrency website by establishing itself as a reliable and friendly guide that welcomes readers into the world of cryptocurrency. Our goal is to provide readers with the knowledge needed to make the best investment decisions for their specific needs. 

CoinText is primed to develop into a leading authority on cryptocurrency investing by consistently publishing informative content that adds value to our readers’ market research. This will be accomplished by broadening our portfolio of educational content that’s accessible to all traders. Keep an eye out for our complete site redesign launching in 2022. 

From David Merry, Investoo CEO

“A new wave of cryptocurrency investors, many of whom have no prior trading experience, continues to emerge. Our goal at Investoo Group is to be the world’s most trusted source for information about investing. CoinText is our newest brand, and it’s here to help new investors find the best cryptocurrencies and brokerage platforms to suit their needs. 

On CoinText you won’t just find how to buy cryptocurrencies, you’ll find what they are, how they work, their recent performance, and much more.”

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