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Content Focused Web3 Project Contentos Expands into Europe and Plans to Issue ‘Soulbound’ Tokens for Certified Creators

Paris, France, 14th September, 2022, Chainwire

Contentos, a content-focused Web3 project with more than a million active creators, will be participating in Binance Blockchain Week Paris 2022. Optimistic about Europe’s high acceptance of NFTs and blockchain applications, Contentos plans to expand into the European market. In addition to this news, Contentos Foundation Co-Founder & CEO, Mick Tsai revealed that in the near future, certified creators will be able to issue ‘Soulbound Tokens’ on the Contentos Mainnet and on COS.TV, Web3 video distribution and digital assets management platform, to provide an extensive Web3 experience for content creators.

Invested by Binance Labs, Contentos Foundation focuses on building the infrastructure of the Web3 content economy via COS.TV, which has a huge community of creators and users from Latin America and Southeast Asia, and has strategic partners such as Dailymotion, a well-known French video-sharing technology platform. COS.TV has also recently partnered with Binance Connect, enabling the purchase of COS tokens using fiat such as Euros within the platform using credit cards, simplifying the fiat-crypto conversion process and making it easier for fans to support their favourite creators.

Before the NFT and Metaverse craze, Contentos Foundation focused on building an extensive digital collectibles environment for its pioneering creator community by supporting DeFi. In 2021, plans for the COS.SPACE Metaverse was announced, and privileges were granted to Contentos ecosystem builders, with holders enjoying privileges such as exclusive NFT collections, and the ability to use COS.TV NFT Profile Pictures, VEST lending and pledge rewards, and COS.SPACE mining rights.

Mick expressed: “As Instagram’s digital collectible display function gradually extends to the public, we are witnessing the rise of decentralisation as individuals are no longer bound by centralised platforms. Regardless of the platform or game, an established identity, along with its assets, is free to be transferred and verified in Web3.” Following this trend, COS.TV has developed functions to display digital collections on personal accounts, paid Pay-per-View subscriptions for exclusive audio and video using crypto, one-stop NFT creation and publication on OpenSea for video and audio content, and content creator gifting functions.

Contentos Foundation Vice President of Marketing, Ava Wen, further mentioned “Europe leads the world in diversity and inclusivity, and these characteristics are the core of decentralisation. Contentos looks forward to collaborating with creators who are as passionate about the Web3 content economy as we are.”

About Contentos 

The vision of Contentos is to build a decentralized digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded and traded, while protecting author rights. Contentos strives to incentivize content creation and global diversity and return the rights and value of content to users. A decentralized video platform, COS.TV is built on top of the Contentos mainnet, which now serves over 1 million global users monthly around the world. Creators can earn not just block rewards with their videos but can also receive direct support from fans via watching ads or sending Gifting Votes. These revenue models generate profit for creators and the COS.TV platforms are just like ads on YouTube today. In 2022, Contentos released a roadmap to build a metaverse around content creation and consumption. Starting with COS.SPACE “virtual real estate”, Contentos’ metaverse will be a place where COS.TV users can create their virtual home experience.

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VP Marketing, Ava Wen, Contentos, service@contentos.io

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