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Crypto analyst predicts gains for XRP, SHIB and BTC – Here’s his argument

Crypto analyst and Coin Bureau host is seeing a bull flag that could inspire a Bitcoin rally to $46k
He also expects XRP to grow further with the news of Ripple joining the Digital Euro Association
Metaverse news should eventually awaken SHIB to pump by up to 50% soon

Pseudonymous Coin Bureau host, Guy, has observed that Bitcoin, XRP and Shiba Inu could be ready for a pump in the coming days. During a Monday YouTube session, Guy stated that the three had mounted a solid case to show that they are ripe for an uptrend.

Bitcoin price can touch $56k soon

The popular crypto markets analyst told his following that he is seeing the formation of a small bull flag for the world’s king of digital assets, which may or may not materialise. As the bull flag indicates an expectation for the upward trend to persist, Guy said he expects Bitcoin to pump above $46k.

Should the $46k boundary get crossed, the market would have completed a cup and handle pattern, another sign of bullish prices, which he says could lead Bitcoin to $56k over the next weeks.

“If we manage to break above the $46k mark, this will see the completion of a ‘cup and handle’ pattern, which could push BTC as high as $56k in the next few weeks. All the while, the balance of BTC on exchanges continues to fall, and that has me feeling damn bullish regardless of what’s happening in the here and now,” he explained.

Ripple joining the Digital Euro Association is positive for XRP

Guy also noted that XRP remains on its long-term uptrend, which started in 2020 though it is still on the road to recovering from the recent losses.

He added that the news of Ripple joining the Digital Euro Association could have a positive sway on the price of its native token. Ripple joined the association as a supporting partner to help the entity’s bid to assist the European Union in developing a digital Euro.  

“Another crypto which made the weekly winners’ list last week was XRP, and this time, it seems to be pumping on the news that Ripple has joined the Digital Euro Association – a think tank that seeks to assist the European Union in the development of its central bank digital currency.”

He also believes XRP would have a better run once Ripple resolves its seemingly never-ending tussle with the US SEC.

Shiba Inu’s Metaverse plans work in favour of SHIB

The metaverse hype is still rife, and a recent beneficiary of this embryonic niche is Shiba Inu.

Guy reckons that it could grow by as much as 50%, considering that it recently launched its metaverse and has announced upcoming plans to start selling virtual land, Shiba Land. Though the metaverse news is yet to shift SHIB tokens significantly, he remains optimistic.

“SHIB still seems to be stuck in hibernation, but if that cup and handle plays out on the daily, we could see a 50% pump in the near future.”

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