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Crypto News March 2023 – Web3 Community Hub Metacade (MCADE) Presale is Selling Out Fast!

One of the strengths of Web3 technology, and the many projects that it has spawned, is its capability to create and sustain communities. From friendly and supportive meme coin groups, all the way to those uniting under a vision of a radically different global economy, the benefits of blockchain technology continue to help people connect in brand-new ways.

One new project which is all over the crypto news for capitalizing on this strength is Metacade, a GameFi project that is building a huge community hub for gaming. Reports are currently focusing on the project’s play-to-earn (P2E) arcade, which is set up to become one of the biggest on the planet.

With the gaming industry also ripe for disruption and Metacade leveraging Web3 to position itself at the center of it, it’s no wonder that investors are flooding the Metacade presale, which will sell out soon if token purchases continue at this rate. The ongoing hype continues to make the project the main topic of discussion across private investor groups, as they look for the best crypto to buy now.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building a destination for gamers and enabling them to benefit from all the advantages that decentralized finance (DeFi) can offer. An extensive rewards system means that gamers can earn an income while enjoying their favorite hobby in the Metacade P2E arcade. The platform differentiates itself from other GameFi projects, through the broad library of upcoming games, and looks set to capture a huge slice of the market as reported in crypto news.

The Metacade whitepaper too has received rave reviews from industry analysts. Of particular note are the careful design decisions regarding rewards – extending them to include non-gaming activities. Metacade can incentivize users to improve the experience for their community, by offering rewards for activities such as engaging with other users or writing game reviews.

How does Metacade work?

The Metacade ecosystem relies on a utility token known as MCADE, which is essential to the platform operating effectively. As the main currency, it means that for all value exchanges — such as buying merchandise or entering tournaments — MCADE is required. This high level of utility is one of the reasons investors are showing excitement because as users come on board, it’s clear that there will be a great deal of buying pressure for the MCADE token.

The Metacade team has also carefully considered the steps required to create benefits for long-term investing, and one such implementation is through staking options for MCADE holders. By putting their tokens to work, MCADE holders can earn a passive income, which further reduces the amount of MCADE supply available on the open market.

Included in the whitepaper is a breakthrough innovation for GameFi, known as Metagrants. The Metagrants program is truly unique, beginning with development teams of all sizes presenting their ideas for new games to the Metacade community. MCADE holders are then able to vote on which project they deem worthy of receiving funding from the Metacade treasury.

This is seen as a crucial step to maximizing the level of user engagement across the platform. It also ensures that the community is at the heart of the platform’s entertainment, a driving force that is indispensable to Metacade’s future. 

This comprehensive strategy is the reason why many experts on crypto news reports are proclaiming that Metacade could be one of the best crypto investments seen in a long time. It may also explain the huge success of the presale, having raised $8.3m in just 14 weeks.

What price can MCADE reach in 2023?

With a number of releases due to go live in 2023, expectations in the crypto news are that there could be a surge in the price of MCADE in short order. The speculation on the success, coupled with the token demand driven by user growth, could see the price of MCADE rising 50x from the end of the presale, and indeed, many analysts are considering whether MCADE will smash through the $1 barrier by the end of the year. 

Should investors pick Metacade?

The chance to invest in a project with such excellent prospects, alongside a robust strategy with which to meet them does not come around very often. The roaring success seen in the presale thus far is strong evidence of the optimism felt across the investment community for Metacade.

The reality is that Metacade could be an incredible investment and is likely to outperform all other projects throughout 2023 — making it one of the best crypto to buy now. Those able to get their hands on enough MCADE may well be in for the ride of a lifetime.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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