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Crypto processing platform Calypso Pay adds support for Tron, Polygon And BNBChain

Calypso Pay users can now enjoy support for additional cryptocurrencies on the Tron (TRX), Polygon (MATIC) and BNBChain (BNB). 

Calypso Pay, an all-in-one crypto processing & acquiring platform, announced on Tuesday, September 6th, that it has added support for new currencies on Tron, Polygon and BNBChain. 

According to the company, the list of new currencies includes USDT TRC-20, USDT on Polygon, MATIC, BNB and BUSD. Thanks to this latest development, Calypso Pay users can now make and accept payments in the added cryptocurrencies. 

While commenting on this latest development,  Alexey Korneev, Operations Director, said;

“We at Calypso Pay work hard to provide one of the best solutions on the market for our customers. Previously Calypso Pay allowed its customers to accept payment with USDT ERC-20, BTC, ETH, USDC, and many others — today, we’re glad to announce we’re adding support for new blockchains and now enable our users to operate with USDT TRC-20, MATIC, USDT on Polygon, BNB and BUSD with more coins to follow to cover the growing demand of our users.”

Calypso Pay enables users to receive payments from their clients fast and in a secure way. With Calypso Pay, users can create invoices and/or use a payment widget to accept payments, initiate payouts for individuals or make payments to up to 1000 recipients at the same time. Furthermore, the platform allows users to manage their finances and more. 

This latest development comes a few weeks after Calypso Pay partnered with WatchData, a platform that helps web3 developers seamlessly interact with the blockchain, to launch Tron Mass Payouts.

The solution enabled customers to quickly set up Tron payouts to tens of thousands of addresses while saving both time and money on fees. 

The company said it plans to increase functionality for Tron in its platform in the coming months. The adoption comes at a time when the broader cryptocurrency is experiencing a bear market.

BNB, MATIC, and TRX have all lost more than 50% of their values over the past few months. 

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