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Exclusive: Bitwage CEO says ‘we’ll be empowering millions’ after Stellar announcement

The CEO of Bitwage CEO said the company would be improving millions of lives after its recent implementation on the Stellar blockchain. 

Crypto payroll provider Bitwage announced on Thursday, August 11th, that it is now offering the digital dollar (USDC) stablecoin to be distributed via the Stellar blockchain on their platform.

Thanks to this latest development, companies across the world now have a fully compliant, easy-to-use, and frictionless solution when it comes to paying their employees and contractors globally. 

Following this implementation, Bitwage aims to provide a new solution that makes it easier for companies to hire alent across different continents and countries

At the moment, both companies and workers suffer from issues such as the loss of certain percentage of funds when using the global banking systems, the long waiting time to receive payments and more. 

The issue discourages some companies from hiring talents outside their countries. However, Bitwage’s latest announces means that  workers are now able to receive any percentage of their salaries they want in digital dollars, via USDC. 

This latest development means that companies and employees would enjoy lower costs, same-day deposits of their funds, the ability to store their savings in USD, and the ability to get local currency exactly when they need it.

Credit Bitwage CEO Jonathan Chester exclusively told Coinjournal that;

“It’s been great working with the stellar team. Together, we’ll be empowering millions to receive wages in the currencies they want, faster and cheaper than traditional methods”

By taking advantage of USDC on the Stellar blockchain, workers are given access to USDC on a low-fee blockchain that has one of the longest histories in the industry.

Chester added that;

“USDC on the Stellar network has lower fees, so you can receive your money faster, cheaper and keep it as digital dollars for saving. Our users have been asking for low-cost options for stablecoins and we are very excited to deliver. Now, companies can guarantee cheaper, faster and better payment options to all their workforce. This option is fully regulated and compliant so all companies have to worry about is how to keep their employees happy and not worry about payments issues. Thanks to USDC over Stellar, digital dollars will make a huge change to people’s lives.”

Bitwage said although it made a name for itself in the Bitcoin payroll space, empowering people to get paid in USDC is a great alternative. 

The company concluded that using Bitwage for USDC payroll with Stellar gives both individuals and companies a low-risk option to partake in the crypto payroll revolution.

Bitwage is a San Francisco-based company that offersBitcoin, cryptocurrency and stablecoin payroll services including invoicing and benefits services. The company also offers resources to employers, employees, and freelancers with their robust, online platform.

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