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Ledger partners with HAYVN to bring secure off-ramping to customers

Ledger has partnered with regulated crypto network HAYVN to bring a robust off-ramping service to customers.
The partnership will benefit Ledger Live users, who will safely convert their crypto to fiat.
Among HAYVN clients are businesses, corporates, governments, family offices, and Individuals.

Crypto hardware maker Ledger has teamed up with HAYVN, a regulated financial institution focused on crypto in a strategic partnership that will see Ledger Live customers benefit from safe and robust access to off-ramping rails.

With this collaboration, Ledger clients will be able to securely convert crypto to fiat, the companies said in a press release shared with CoinJournal.

Ledger Live customers to access safe off-ramping

HAYVN, which is regulated in multiple countries and jurisdictions, including Australia, Lithuania, the Cayman Islands and Abu Dhabi, delivers services across payments, trading, custody, and asset management among others.

Businesses, corporates and other institutional customers have access to multi-currency fiat transactions, available via the platform’s global banking infrastructure. Governments, family offices and individuals also tap into HAYVN’s services. Meanwhile, Ledger Live offers customers the possibility to buy crypto with fiat as well as direct crypto deposits to their hardware wallet.

This partnership with Ledger allows thousands of Ledger Live clients to safely convert to fiat. Such scale will increase confidence across the entire digital asset industry,” Christopher Flinos, the CEO of HAYVN, said.

According to details in the press release, HAYVN’s partnership with Ledger will also include the onboarding of the Ledger Enterprise solution. The company plans to leverage the solution to manage client assets and to boast its security and governance.

Ledger’s Sebastian Badault, VP of Enterprise Revenue, noted that the wallet maker’s objective for Ledger Live is to deliver a platform that allows users to “access the services they want in the manner they want.”

HAYVN’s strong compliance record is crucial to that goal, the Ledger exec noted. Other than adding to the off-ramp options available to users, the partnership increases access to self-custody. Tapping into Ledger Enterprise shows HAYVN’s commitment to strong governance and security, Badault added.

Crypto payments support for merchants on HAYVN Pay launched in November last year following a partnership with WooCommerce. In August this year, HAYVN Pay inked a deal with Gayo Aviation to bring crypto payments to the luxury travel company.

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