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Metacade is Starting to Get Attention with its Presale Release in Q4 2022

With its presale in November, Metacade (MCADE) is getting investors’ attention. Branded as the world’s first community developed, Play to Earn metaverse arcade, the platform is beginning to make waves in the crypto market. Its virtual arcade will provide both gamers and developers a place to test, review, and earn, all in a completely decentralized marketplace.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into Metacade, and find out exactly why this project is gaining so much traction among investment circles.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a virtual community hub where gaming enthusiasts can go to discover the most popular metaverse games, chat in real time, and learn about GameFi as well as ways to earn through play to earn games. Metacade will have everything you want to know about GameFi in one central location, including leaderboards for the top games, a comprehensive review and comments system, and even early-access to new games in testing by developers.

Through Metacade, users can earn MCADE tokens for actions such as writing reviews, testing, or posting about some of the top alpha games. Due to the decentralized aspect of Metacade, holders of its native MCADE tokens will also gain control over the direction of the platform and which game developers receive Metagrants – funding to develop and produce their gaming ideas.

Metacade’s Impact on the Crypto Market

With presale in November, the excitement over Metacade is building for gaming enthusiasts and investors alike. Promising to be one of the premier locations for GameFi and Play to Earn opportunities, the chance for MCADE tokens to take the crypto market by storm is also getting closer. With the crypto market being down from the market crash of 21/22, investors are itching for the tide to turn – and Metacade just might be what they’re looking for.

Experts predict the crypto market crash is now behind us, with projections indicating the crypto market is beginning to rise once again. This presents a unique opportunity for Metacade, which stands in line to rise with the rest of the crypto market. As it gains in popularity, Metacade and its MCADE tokens should offer a chance to get into the market from the ground floor and go up from there. Because of this, investors are beginning to show some real excitement about the entire crypto market.

The Future of GameFi

As the metaverse expands, so do the opportunities to earn from it, with GameFi at the center. The idea of decentralized gaming has grown over the years, and as the metaverse comes into form, gaming is evolving with it – giving players the ability to earn while helping the metaverse to grow.

Right now, the majority of earnings from internet games goes to promoters and advertisers, but GameFi is seeking to change that, allowing the game developers, testers, and players the chance to keep more of the money generated than ever before. This decentralization should entice more developers to enter the market, growing the list of games exponentially.

With that growth, places like Metacade can take advantage of the desire for more metaverse games by offering a space for developers to go to promote their game ideas, get feedback directly from gamers, have their games tested, and create the best version premiered in their arcade. GameFi can be rightly called gaming for the community, by the community, and Metacade is shaping up to have a direct impact on the GameFi world and the crypto market as a whole.

The Long Term Outlook of Metacade

A question that always accompanies the crypto market is how much of a long term opportunity certain tokens will be. The expansion of the metaverse and the rise of decentralized gaming is one of the main aspects of the Web3 universe. This movement isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon, and is only predicted to grow, even by major exchanges such as Nasdaq. With Metacade’s advancement into the GameFi world with this excellent timing, the opportunity for long-term growth is there.

As Metacade grows, it should provide an outstanding long-term outlook as the central hub of the virtual gaming world. More developers will receive Metagrants as the community expands, providing more opportunities to Play to Earn. This, in turn, will draw in more gamers, which will bring in more developers, and so the cycle continues to expand. The expansive nature of spaces such as Metacade mean that as decentralized gaming grows, so does the long-term outlook, making Metacade an intriguing long-term investment strategy just waiting for investors to get in on the ground floor.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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