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Minima to create innovative mobility solutions via MobilityXlab

Minima, a decentralised blockchain protocol, was selected as one of 11 global startups to create innovative mobility solutions through MobilityXlab with industry leaders in mobile and auto communication, the platform announced on June 15. 

MobilityXlab works with Ericsson, Volvo, CEVT 

Among MobilityXlab’s world-leading partners are Polestar, Veoneer, CEVT, Ericsson, Volvo Cars, and Zenseact. Their representatives take part in the entire process, from new applicant screening to managing partnership programs. 

At least two industry partners must select a startup for it to be invited into the program. This improves the outcomes for Proof-Of-Concept (PoC) and validation projects and reinforces knowledge sharing. 

Benefiting from L1 security 

Minima will show the benefits of globally connected cars and devices from the security of L1, distributed across all nodes taking part, to the decentralised network. This will make it possible for cars to function as independent economic units with guaranteed data security. 

Communication and chat features

The Peer-2-Peer connected node network also enables communication and chat features for information and messaging between users. Node running paves the way for sharing, rewards, and loyalty programs as well. 

Katarina Brud, Director at MobilityXlab, said:

To keep up with the rapid pace of innovation and technology development, companies can’t rely on doing it on their own anymore. Our role is to foster access to a productive collaboration network for all parties involved.

Novel ways to generate value from cars 

As the car industry moves in the direction of a renting economy, there has emerged a need for the industry to generate value from cars, such as charging, car rental, and ride-sharing. 

Minima’s technology can meet the demand for immutable, censorship-resistant transfer of data that is crucial to missions alongside swift and affordable communication directly between vehicles.

Hugo Feiler, CEO at Minima, added: 

When each car is a fully sovereign, functional node on the network, communication between them becomes more secure and resilient, which we believe to be crucial for any future that involves autonomous vehicles.

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