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Monero or Metacade: What Makes $MCADE so Unique?

As the war for dominance in crypto endures, investors are continually searching for the next big hitter to rocket from the depths. A new platform, Metacade, has been making some serious waves online, and from what we’ve uncovered so far, it’s set to create steep competition against even established cryptocurrencies.

One such cryptocurrency is Monero. While attracting attention for its privacy utility, the Monero crypto coin is ultimately limited in that it can only ever be a store of value. $MCADE, on the other hand, is tied to a complete and self-sustaining platform, which utilises the utility token throughout.

In this article, we’re putting the $MCADE token against the Monero coin, and exploring how its unique properties within Metacade help push it above and beyond what you’d expect.

What is Metacade?

First, we need to look into Metacade itself to give some context as to how the $MCADE token retains value.

Created as a community-centric platform, Metacade aims to be a place for gamers, game developers, crypto investors, and GameFi enthusiasts to gather and work together. With an arcade concept at its core, it plans to extend its capabilities to create an all-in-one environment, to help promote and support gaming as it moves into Web3 and the metaverse.

As part of creating a hub surrounding P2E and GameFi, Metacade is offering unique opportunities for both gamers and developers. Behind their controllers, gamers get exclusive access to an expanding library of P2E content, a like-minded community, as well as being on the cutting-edge of game development. On the other side of the screen, developers can directly tap into these end-users as a crucial resource, which they can utilise in a number of ways.

The underlying token of exchange which enables Metacade to operate this way is its $MCADE utility token. 

What are some Actual Use Cases for $MCADE?

Being the core currency used for everything across Metacade, there are planned use cases which provide utility for the $MCADE token.

As an Arcade, pay 2 play on select titles.
Entry into / Prize payouts for gaming tournaments held on the platform 
Staking the token to earn passive income 
Rewards for engaging with the community (writing reviews / discussions)
GameFi-related payments on development, testing, Metagrants and more 
Internal transactions – from advertising to merchandising

More use cases are in development, adding further utility to the token as the platform matures. It is the self-sustaining aspect of both community and game development feeding into each other which gives the $MCADE utility token its unique edge.

What’s the Main Difference Between Monero and $MCADE?

When examining the sustainability aspects of either option, it’s clearly the resounding difference in utility which enables $MCADE to shine over the Monero coin.

Monero is essentially a standard cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. As such, it isn’t driven by any particular projects or developments on the part of its operators. In terms of investment, it is subject to the push and pull of demand – without any real scope to affect its value through improved performance or extended utility. This makes somewhat of a riskier investment, as it is at the absolute mercy of the market and any Monero news which happens to be published.

In contrast, $MCADE is integrated into a community-driven project with a wide variety of diverse and practical utility cases. This alone offers inherent support completely unheard of in Monero crypto investment. In choosing $MCADE, and by proxy Metacade, there is a degree of input available even after the investment is complete.

Any new features which arrive on the platform, whether they come from the developers behind Metacade or are derived from the community itself, can directly contribute to the potential outcome for $MCADE. This unique approach offers a level of influence over the future of the token, which is unavailable for a Monero crypto investment.

Is Metacade (MCADE) a Good Investment?

We believe $MCADE to be a fantastic opportunity thanks to the originality and focus of the Metacade project as a whole. The myriad of use cases across the platform, combined with starting the project in the exploding growth area of crypto gaming, gives us confidence that Metacade is headed in a positive direction.

If gaming, crypto, investing or Web3 is on your interests list, we strongly recommend keeping your eye on $MCADE as the development of Metacade continues to move forward. With its strong platform support, Metacade (MCADE) could be a fantastic option waiting to strike.

You can purchase Monero here.

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.

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