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Polygon and Metacade: Two 50x opportunities for 2023

Bearish times in the market are typically when the newest batch of crypto millionaires are made. People have started speculating and trying to figure out which cryptos are next in line to go to the moon. This article is all about uncovering two tokens that have extremely high growth potential.

Polygon (MATIC) and Metacade (MCADE) each have the potential to drive the GameFi sector forward. At the moment, both tokens are extremely underpriced and poised for some meteoric growth. In this article, we’ll be discussing the Metacade and Polygon price predictions and show exactly why these projects are so valuable to the GameFi revolution.

What is Polygon?

Polygon (MATIC), formerly Matic Network, is a decentralised platform that allows for the instant, secure, and trustless deployment of Ethereum-based smart contracts. The network utilises a pioneering technology called Plasma to achieve this, which bridges transactions between a main chain and side chain while grouping user transactions together. This eases the load on Ethereum’s base Layer 1 and enables Polygon to deliver a more scalable solution to blockchain issues.

Polygon aims to build an ecosystem of protocols, developer tools and services that together enable fast and easy deployment of Ethereum-based assets for decentralised applications (dApps). The network is well on its way to becoming the go-to platform for deploying Ethereum-based dApps that can scale in line with the rest of the industry. This had been a major problem for Ethereum since its inception, as the blockchain was widely criticised as being slow and expensive despite its useful characteristics.

Matic Network was founded in 2017 by three individuals: Jaynti Kanani, Ankit Aggarwal, and Sandeep Nailwal. The team is based out of India and envisioned a future where the internet can be powered with frictionless applications on the blockchain. Previously, the problems of scalability and usability were blocking the path to widespread adoption but today networks like Polygon have provided technical solutions to improve the speed, cost, and overall user experience.

Tokenomics and Polygon Price Prediction

Polygon has a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 MATIC with over 87% of that total currently in circulation. With a current price of $0.93 per MATIC and a circulating supply of 8,734,317,475, the network’s market cap is $8.1 billion. That’s no small chunk of change.

MATIC is used to secure the blockchain through providing rewards for validators as they process transactions on the network. It is also used as a medium of exchange and all transaction fees on the Polygon blockchain are denominated in MATIC.

Why buy MATIC?

Polygon is committed to continuing to improve the network and making it the most user-friendly layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Earlier this year, the team released a new update for the blockchain that improved its compatibility with the Ethereum Merge. This also came with some notable enhancements to the Polygon chain itself. This update was called ‘London Hard Fork’ and was a system-level upgrade designed to improve scalability and security.

Polygon’s London Hard Fork updated Polygon’s consensus algorithm to engage more stakeholders in block production, while also increasing Polygon’s use of zk-SNARKs, a zero-knowledge proof protocol. It is widely believed that these changes will be extremely beneficial in the long term, making the network more secure and more scalable to support an increasing number of blockchain users.

Blockchain users grew 59x between 2016 and 2021, from less than 5 million to almost 300 million people. The level of innovation in the space has been growing in line and brand-new applications of blockchain technology, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and play-to-earn games, have become key areas of advancement during this time.

Polygon benefits from a high level of security due to being built on Ethereum’s Layer 1, and can deliver a vastly improved user experience due to its Layer 2 solutions. As the blockchain industry continues to grow, Polygon can play a major role to support this expansion. As a result, looking at the Polygon price prediction shows that the MATIC token could be a great long-term investment, as the network’s innate characteristics mean it is expected to grow exponentially.

What is GameFi?

The gaming industry is one of the most prolific and beloved industries in the world. In 2019, it was worth $120 billion and is only expected to grow in the coming years. With the advent of blockchain technology, a new subgenre of gaming has emerged: play-to-earn games. 

Play-to-Earn games offer economic incentives to players in the form of rewards. These rewards can be digital assets, cryptocurrency, and at times even fiat currency. Blockchain technology is used to power these games at their core. Fully-functioning in-game economies are used to buy, sell, and ultimately monetise in-game assets. The result is that players can earn rewards that have real-world value outside of the game.

Blockchain provides a trustless environment for these transactions to take place without the need for a centralised third party. A blockchain is a digital ledger that records incoming and outgoing transactions in a way that can not be disputed retroactively. This can be extremely useful for GameFi platforms, as the blockchain automatically records player interactions, generates liquidity through in-game transactions, and provides rewards for all users.

Enhanced Realism

With the onset of virtual reality metaverses, combined with blockchain-based economies, gaming is becoming more and more exciting every year. Metaverses immerse players in a multi-sensory environment, and provide the gaming industry with a brand-new method of exploring open world maps.

Open worlds have been a mainstay in gaming for many years and brand-new metaverse-based games can take this feature to new extremes. Blockchain-based metaverses can engulf players in a new world and provide a sensational user experience that also delivers financial rewards. This revolutionary combination of technologies is making GameFi an area of advancement that looks set to conquer the wider world of gaming as time progresses.

With Polygon’s innovative scalability solution for the Ethereum blockchain, it can directly help to facilitate the expansion of this technology. An example of a dApp that takes full advantage of all these technical solutions is Metacade and many investors are claiming that it is on a similar trajectory to Polygon as GameFi approaches mass adoption.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a dApp that aims to push forward GameFi in a number of ways. Built on Ethereum, the project is building the biggest blockchain-based arcade in the world and will host loads of different Play-to-Earn games in one central location. Metacade aims to become a hub for crypto, GameFi, and Web3, and looks set to attract a huge community of people who are enthusiastic about the future of blockchain-based gaming.

Metacade also helps players access new and innovative methods for earning crypto tokens. On top of earning MCADE as token rewards while progressing through levels in arcade games, players can get together with other community members and share their knowledge about the latest advances in the blockchain gaming sector. Since the community will be made up of dedicated blockchain gamers, there will be valuable information shared that can directly influence your ability to earn in the world of crypto.

Metacade rewards players for contributing to the community with MCADE. The coin is also used to connect players to job opportunities within the world of GameFi. Game developers often seek out enthusiastic players to test out their latest titles before they are officially released so Metacade is developing a special jobs board on the platform that can connect players to these opportunities. Through playing games, sharing experiences, and testing out new games before they hit the market, players gain unprecedented access to earning opportunities on the Metacade platform.


In total, there are 2,000,000,000 MCADE tokens. 70% of this supply is being released for the MCADE presale, which will give early investors a unique opportunity to make major gains before the token is officially launched on exchanges.

The MCADE token is used for rewards and can be staked on the Metacade platform to earn a passive yield. With so many earning opportunities available on the platform, and a naturally deflationary tokenomics design, MCADE could be a top token for many years and looks set to skyrocket in value.

Why buy MCADE?

As GameFi continues to expand, whether in terms of its technical capabilities or in terms of the scope and scale of dApps that are building games, Metacade could become one of the biggest titles in the space over time. With the largest on-chain arcade and extensive earning opportunities for players, the platform could attract many thousands, if not millions, of users in the next few years.

As more people join the ecosystem to access the benefits being offered by Metacade, the price of the MCADE native token will inevitably rise. This is because it has a deflationary tokenomics design: fixed supply and rising demand equals a rising price. For now, the project is still in its earliest stages of development, as the token has only just started its presale. This gives early adopters a huge advantage for the long term, which is why many crypto investors have been desperate to get involved from the get-go.

Two Tokens with Huge Potential

Polygon and Metacade look set to drive the expansion of GameFi. Blockchain is changing the world of gaming with its unique capabilities, as players now have more power over their experience and can gain real financial rewards while enjoying new titles.

Over time, the Polygon network can further boost the level of users in Web3. There are already several hundred million people using blockchain services on a regular basis and Polygon enables this number to grow by an order of magnitude. The token is currently less than $1, which is an insanely low figure for the amount of value being provided by the ecosystem. As the wider market starts to recover, investors are expecting Polygon to reach over $40, so we believe that MATIC is a must-buy token while prices are this good.

Metacade is a project that can do potentially even higher gains than MATIC, as its token presale has only just begun. Usually, most tokens never return to these low prices after they inevitably blast into the stratosphere and MCADE has presented all crypto investors with a rare opportunity to take advantage by releasing 70% of the total supply during this event.

Early movements look extremely promising with many in the crypto space keen to get involved. For now, MCADE is worth just $0.008 per token. This amount will certainly rise to $0.02 by the end of its presale and then the token will be released to the general public. Some have predicted that the price could be 50-100x higher by the time the next bull market comes around.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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