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Prospects of a Global VPS: Cloudzy’s Ace in the Hole

With its new cryptocurrency payment options, Cloudzy could be on a path to becoming a globalised VPS service.


Cloudzy, the New York-based tech company and one of the leading holdings in the VPS industry, announced today that their new cryptocurrency payments are a step towards the goal of making a globalised VPS service a reality. 

Cloudzy already had cryptocurrency payment options implemented as part of its anonymous VPS package; however, whereas many companies would suffice to have multiple crypto payment options, Cloudzy is on a mission to improve and tune its payment apparatus as much as possible through updates and optimisations. 

The end goal, of course, is to have a fully global VPS service that can provide its packages to users from all around the world. In other words, with Cloudzy, if you have an internet connection, then you can also have a VPS connection. 

This is great news for aspiring developers and business owners that are looking to branch out and represent themselves internationally but simply do not have the technical means of making a payment happen. 

There are also a lot of existing Cloudzy clients that pay with conventional means but prefer fewer fees and no middleman in their transactions. With the greater implementation of Cryptocurrency payment solutions as part of the global VPS project, these users can also start paying with crypto for their subscription services.

“The Cloud technology itself is a decentralized one, so, we as a company do understand the benefits of incorporating similar technologies that also follow this model. Cloudzy, as a collective, understands the need for a globalized VPS, and our recent step towards more integration of crypto payment options is part of the effort to make our services available to all users regardless of where they’re from. We hope this step proves effective so we can follow up with more efforts to protect our user base’s privacy and right to services.” Said Hannan Nozari, the CEO and Founder of Cloudzy, on the prospect of a global VPS service by Cloudzy.

Cloudzy is a leading VPS service company based in Brooklyn, New York. You can learn more about their global VPS project here.

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