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Rapper Drake donates $1 Million in Bitcoin to the Lebron James Family Foundation

Drake revealed he recently won a bet while playing roulette on Stake, promising to donate the winnings
Earlier this month, the Canadian rapper announced a live betting event in partnership with Stake.com, intending to give his winnings to fans

I PROMISE School (IPS), under the Lebron James Family Foundation (LJFF), is set to receive a crypto donation from Hollywood phenomenon and Canadian rapper Drake.

In an announcement posted on his Instagram page, Drake disclosed that the donation was part of winnings he collected playing roulette on Canadian cryptocurrency betting platform Stake.com. The music celebrity termed it his biggest hit ever.

“Speaking of memorable nights, I had an incredible night last night playing roulette on Stake.com. It was my biggest hit ever,” he said, adding that he needed to pass on his luck to someone else, “good karma that needs to be transferred.” 

In the video, Drake explained that the money would be donated in collaboration with Stake.com.

“Myself and Eddie from Stake, we’re going to dedicate $1 million to the I Promise School, and I’m going to come drop it off myself before the school year is over,” the rapper said.

The donation plays a point in Stake.com’s philanthropic efforts in a bid to promote its brand.

It recently donated $1 million bitcoin to aid humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Stake.com is a fully-fledged crypto gaming and betting firm that allows its users to deposit and withdraw money in crypto.

Crypto, blockchain tech, and education

The donation comes on the back of efforts by the Lebron James Family Foundation to bring digital education to students.

In a marketing deal earlier this year, the four-time NBA winner partnered with Crypto.com to educate students in the I Promise program on blockchain technology and development opportunities focused on Web3 as digital currencies continue to take root.

“I want to ensure that communities like the one I come from are not left behind. Blockchain technology is revolutionising our economy, sports and entertainment, the art world, and how we engage with one another,” he said.

The I Promise School, which opened in 2018, delivers science and technology education to more than 1,300 currently enrolled students. The school also provides opportunities for recreation and free meals for the less fortunate in Akron.

Education on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is not novel as the University of Pennsylvania offers courses on the same; students can pay their tuition fees with crypto. The course was created in collaboration with Prysm Group, a blockchain consulting firm that aims to ensure proficiency in trading with digital currency.

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