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Realm teams up with Alkimi to bring Ads into the Metaverse

Realm users can tap into decentralised ads and earn as they experience the metaverse.
The partnership will allow players to opt-in or opt-out as they wish.

Realm has teamed up with decentralised advertising exchange Alkimi Exchange to bring fraud-free and transparent advertising to the play-to-earn platform’s Metaverse.

Built on Constellation’s Hypergraph, Alkimi aims at bringing value exchange to advertisers, publishers and players within the industry.

The partnership, according to the press announcement, sees Realm and Alkimi align the core values of ensuring a sustainable advertising environment. The collaboration allows Realm to use the Hypergraph-based platform’s technology to incentivise players, making it easy to earn from advertisements.

Growth within the metaverse has seen major brands and providers seek to leverage the technology to reach potential customers.

As the branded partnerships explore the ads, players can choose to opt-in or out, with access to “custom, branded content” or retain control over their data.

Realm partnering with Alkimi enables us to tap into revenue streams from existing advertising formats, then share that revenue with the player that created the data in a transparent way,” Realm co-founder and CEO Matthew Larby said.

Creating a personalised NFT microverse

Realm’s mobile-first, play-to-earn (P2E) platform provides for a metaverse environment where gamers and artists have the unique opportunity to create a non-fungible token (NFT) collection in ‘realm.’

It is thus possible for a player or artist to create a personalised NFT microverse with all their unique music, art, and games. Users can then mint a whole metaverse world as an ERC-1155 NFT that would be tradable on the OpenSea marketplace.

Realm also offers a platform where players can explore the NFT space, allowing them to discover, trade, and collect NFTs.

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