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Ripple partners with Lunu to expand into the European luxury markets

Ripple, a prominent business blockchain solutions provider, has partnered with Lunu, a crypto-terminal operator and a payment provider that deals with premium retailers to enable German luxury and high-end retailers to receive payments using cryptos.

With the new partnership, the retailers will be able to exchange cryptos for fiat money where the Ripple Liquidity Hub platform will be used. The platform was created by the Ripple team to aid mass crypto adoption.

The platform can also be integrated on a turnkey basis as well as feature an intelligent order routing that will enable the retailers to receive their digital assets at the best prices. 

Additionally, companies that have integrated the platform will be able to access cryptocurrencies seamlessly across the globe including decentralized and centralized exchanges and also OTC venues.

The combined use of Lunu’s point-of-sale (POS) terminals and RippleNet will also help a great deal in providing opportunities to the luxury and high-end retailers in the United Kingdom and Europe to embrace crypto payments in their stores. 

Ripple in Europe

Ripple has continued to strongly establish its presence in the majority of the continents and after gaining traction in the Middle East, it’s now on its mission to dominate in Europe.

However, 2021 was one of the most successful years for Ripple after it managed to double its transactions on RippleNet, now, the average annual payment volume on the network is $15 billion. Besides, the company’s blockchain and other technological use, in general, have contributed to its expansive partnership networks.

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