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Sports prediction app ‘Pooky’ launches its Play-and-Earn game

Pooky’s Play-and-Earn game offers an immersive gameplay and a sustainable token rewards ecosystem.
The full version of the game went live on 23 March.
Players can win from a prize pool of 500 MATIC on each matchday in a promotion celebrating the launch.

Pooky, a sports prediction app powered by blockchain technology, has officially launched the full release of its Play-and-Earn game.

The game went live today, 23 March 2023 offering a sustainable tokenomics design and several other enhanced features, the Spooky team said in a press release on Thursday. 

Players can now benefit from a robust in-game economy that rewards achievement, while a free-to-play version remains available and will help users win free promotions to the play-and-earn version.

Play with Pookyball NFTs and earn rewards

Pooky offers an immersive gaming ecosystem unveiled in September 2022. The Spooky platform was co-founded by two brothers – Claudio and Stefano Riff. The game designer is a former Splinterlands developer Alfred Vesligaj, while former head of product at The Sandbox, Damian Volatino, is the Lead Product Designer.

According to the team, Pooky’s full launch comes after a four-month beta program that saw players make over 700,000 predictions. During the period, Pooky recorded 7,000 recurring users and its first 1,000 Genesis Pookyball NFTs sold out before the game went live.

To win in the game, players use their Pookyball NFTs, competing against each other to predict football match results. A player then gets rewarded depending on their skill level and overall rank in terms of

As part of the promotion for the launch of the Play-and-Earn version, Pooky is offering a prize pool per matchday prediction. The top 50% in each category will share a minimum prize pool of 500 MATIC per matchday. The community can also mint Pookyball NFTs on the Pooky NFT marketplace.

The startup raised over €3 million during its pre-seed funding round, with backers including VC firm Claster Investments.

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