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Unveiling the Future: Zoomex Launches New Brand Image and $400,000 Influencer 101 Campaign

Zoomex has announced the launch of a truly exciting event with a prize pool of $400,000. The announcement was made by the company on its X (Twitter) account on April 1, 2024.

A Chance to Win a Tesla Cyber Truck

In an exciting development, Zoomex, a leading cryptocurrency platform, has unveiled a revitalized brand image aimed at enriching user experiences. Along with its new image, Zoomex also launched a surprising event that will reward users with a prize pool of $400,000.

The event is the second edition of the platform’s INFLUENCER 101 competition. This campaign is designed for ZOOMEX Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to amplify their influence and earn exciting rewards, including a chance to win up to $100,000.

During the competition period, Key Opinion Leaders will have the opportunity to showcase their networks and attract new users to ZOOMEX. With exclusive rewards for winning teams and top-ranking affiliates, including the exciting opportunity to win a Tesla Cyber Truck, this competition promises to be both compelling and rewarding.

Registration is now open from April 1 to April 26, with the competition running from April 8 to May 5. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the action and create Z-Influence together!

A New and Exciting Brand Image

The rebranding initiative introduces a refreshed logo, exuding modernity and sophistication, reflecting Zoomex‘s commitment to elevating user interactions.

The new infinity icon symbolizes limitless potential and endless opportunities, embodying Zoomex’s pioneering spirit in cryptocurrency futures trading. This redesign underscores the platform’s dedication to offering stability and growth while ensuring user trust and confidence.

Beyond aesthetic enhancements, Zoomex is prioritizing user convenience and satisfaction by introducing intuitive website and mobile app updates. These improvements aim to streamline trading experiences, providing users with simpler and more efficient services.

Zoomex’s rebranding initiative is driven by three core commitments:

1. Ensuring Trust and Security: Recognizing the paramount importance of trust and security in the cryptocurrency market, Zoomex adheres to rigorous security standards. The platform employs a hybrid hot and cold wallet mechanism to safeguard users’ assets, ensuring robust security protocols.

2. Enhancing User Trading Experience: Zoomex places a strong emphasis on user experience, continuously refining its trading environment based on user feedback. By prioritizing intuitive design and transparent transaction processes, Zoomex strives to foster a reliable and user-friendly trading ecosystem.

3. Embracing Continuous Innovation: Zoomex remains committed to innovation, responding promptly to technological advancements and emerging trends. Through regular product monitoring and investment in technology development and research, Zoomex aims to deliver innovative solutions that exceed conventional offerings.

The rebranding underscores Zoomex’s dedication to growth and development, reinforcing its competitiveness in the global marketplace. It communicates the platform’s strategic vision for the future and its unwavering commitment to providing the best service for a more convenient and secure transaction experience.

About Zoomex

Launched in 2021, Zoomex is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading platform that offers both a CEX (Centralized Exchange) and DEX (Decentralized Exchange). The platform uses innovative technologies to offer bright and valuable features.

Zoomex is renowned for its user-friendliness, providing numerous opportunities for worldwide users. The platform supports over 250 crypto assets, along with more than 5 payment methods and numerous fiat currencies.

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As Zoomex embarks on this exciting new chapter, it extends heartfelt appreciation to its users for their continued trust and support. The platform is committed to making strides that will make dragons proud this year. To support Zoomex, check out its official website and follow its activity on Telegram and X (Twitter).

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