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Hi Noah!

More information for you, Noah:

The purpose of the whale watching data is to see the daily trades of crypto whales.

  • Whales identified by Whalestats.com
  • Token holdings identified by Moralis.io
  • We are currently showing the # of each tokens held and trades made within last 24 hours 
  • Trades: An “increase” means they added. A “decrease” means they reduced the # of tokens
  • You can always find the whales by clicking “Whale Watching” on the menu bar
  • Yes! This is an early beta! We are aware it is a MVP…building from here!

Roadmap: You tell us! What data do you want to see? 

Up Next:

  • Show changes over more than just a 24 hour period
  • Filter the data to show the most important trades 
  • Show the $ value of each token held
  • Track who is staking/DeFi’ing what. This is actually visible and extremely eye opening.
  • Alerts! Be alerted by email whenever specific changes occur
  • Whale NFT holdings
  • Yes, I am aware of some significant challenges with this project. Among them:
    • How do we know for a fact what type of transaction is taking place (i.e. buy/sell vs. transfer)
    • How can we improve the UX to make it useful to casual observers (key niche, not currently being served well)
    • Can we get more granular with buy/sell data, and show not just 24 hour change data
    • And many many more! These challenges are actually a great way for us to add value and why this is a GOOD business to be in! 
    • Thanks for asking for it on your video blog Noah! I am full steam ahead!
    • email james@jamesjordanmarketing.com with your questions & requests