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World’s largest car maker Nissan to release NFTs

The world’s largest car manufacturer Nissan has announced that it will launch some NFTs for a new game called Torque Drift 2.

Torque Drift 2 is a subsidiary of an Australia-based multi-platform video game studio called Greece Monkey Games. Greece Monkey Games is focused on motorsport.

Nissan to release 15 unique NFTs

Greece Monkey Games and Monkey Games are expected to launch 15 unique Nissan models within the next 12 months with a range of variants in the Torque Drift 2 game.

The first official Nissan NXT 180SX model will for example have five variants on Torque Drift 2, while Sil80 and 370Z models have seven variants.

The 15 Nissan NFTs will be among the first officially licensed NFTs that will be available on the game. Other NFTs will include those of NISMO, Infiniti, and Datsun.

Torque Drift 2 game

The Torque Drift 2 game will be hosted on the Polygon side-chain.

Speaking about Nissan’s NFT plan, the head of Global Games Business Development at Polygon Studios, Urvit Goel, said:

“Nissan’s entry into the Web3 space with Torque Drift 2 represents one of the most exciting and significant implementations of blockchain and NFT technology by a leading global brand.

Nissan will join many other global brands, like Mercedes, that have announced crypto-related projects. Mercedes has launched a series of NFT drops and Hyundai in July announced plans to offer NFTs and NFT-backed content publishing.

Nissan’s collaboration with Torque Drift 2 will allow the game studio full access to all Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti vehicle models and parts. 3D models including engine variants and rare NISMO parts will be created taking into consideration things like vehicle trim options, colour options, horsepower, and performance characteristics.

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