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DEA launches Cookin’ Burger, fourth title within ecosystem

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), a Singapore-based GameFi ecosystem, has launched Cookin’ Burger, its newest blockchain game. 

It is the fourth title and the first third-party game to be released within its PlayMining ecosystem, CoinText learned from a press release. Its beta version will be unveiled in May.  

A multitasking cooking game

In this game, the user is a burger shop staff member. They take orders from customers and serve them properly and quickly to improve their restaurant’s reputation.

DEA announced an NFT presale to celebrate the game’s launch. This will start on March 18 at 11:00 (UTC+8).

Intuitive and straightforward gameplay

The gameplay is straightforward and intuitive, with players subject to a specific learning curve. They can play and win rewards via daily missions, monthly rankings, and weekend events.

Cookin’ Burger will distribute DEAPcoin ($DEP) and other in-game rewards based on the player’s score across each season.

Players don’t have to own shops to play. If they want, they can own such by holding NFTs called “Shop NFT”. These come with different features and upgrades, affecting what rewards a player can earn. 

The upcoming presale of Shop NFTs will provide users with early access to a wide range of NFT combinations, ranging from ranks and categories to locations and menus. The Shop NFTs are a critical component of the Cookin’ Burger ecosystem.

Burger Studio CEO Takafumi Kiyota, the first third-party project to join DEA’s PlayMining ecosystem, notes:

PlayMining is a creator-friendly platform, so even a small team like ours was able to enter the market. We have designed this title to embody the dream of ‘running your own restaurant’ through this casual ‘cooking game.’ At the same time, we hope to offer a new ‘play-to-earn’ experience to everyone around the world.

Three DEA-developed games

At the moment, PlayMining offers three games that were originally developed by the DEA team. Created by Burger Studio, Cookin’ Burger is the platform’s first game developed and provided by an outside party. 

This shows DEA will continue to cooperate with third-party developers actively to expand the title selection in the PlayMining ecosystem.


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