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Survey finds that NFT gaming could become an alternative to traditional employment

A recent survey conducted by Balthazar has found that gamers highly consider turning to NFT gaming to earn a living
Balthazar CEO said gamers could potentially earn equal or even more than they currently do

In what is a sign of increasing utility of NFTs, the inaugural Community Insights Report by NFT gaming platform Balthazar has found that players participating in NFT-based games could potentially quit their real-life jobs to become full-time play-to-earn gamers.

The recent survey, which involved 1,103 participants (including current players and those not yet playing), was conducted in the Philippines. 32% of the respondents confirmed that they would straight up leave their jobs or consider leaving them if they could play NFT games as an alternative source of income.

On the other hand, 59% of the respondents said though they would participate in playing the games full time, they would still have other jobs.

NFT games are potentially better paying

Balthazar CEO John Stefanidis wasn’t particularly surprised by the findings. He believes they are realistic, especially since users could possibly get the same or even higher than their current earnings once they become full-time gamers.

“I’m not surprised by these findings because, just like us, our community is incredibly excited about the future in NFT gaming and the potential earning opportunities offered through Balthazar. They love play-to-earn games, and many are ready to quit their other jobs to play NFT games instead, as they could potentially be earning the same, if not more from playing NFT games,” he said.

True to Stefanidis’ belief, the survey also revealed that 66% of the individuals would need to earn at least $42 a day to consider quitting their jobs for gaming. Just over half of them (55%) said they would need to earn between $1 and $20 to walk away from current employment.

These figures are reasonable as the employed survey participants were found to earn $16 per day on average.

The push to consider NFT gaming a serious ‘job’ option has also been observed by Luis Buenaventura of YGG Pilipinas. Buenaventura recently told CoinTelegraph that users are finding alternative income from crypto-related initiatives and not just play-to-earn gaming.

“Earning from games and earning from yield farming are not mutually exclusive activities, and we see many of our most successful members doing both.”

He added that in the long run, the trajectory of involvement in P2E games would only chart higher.

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